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The Lion King Crosses Paths With The English Royalties

The Lion King Crosses Paths With The English Royalties

A live action version of The Lion King, a Hamlet-inspired tale about how a lion named Simba must take back his throne from his uncle after having it taken from him due to his father’s murder, made its way to the big screen last July 17 worldwide.

After leaving the theaters, many have expressed their delight on the direction, soundtrack, and musical sequences (vocals and choreography) of the film so it’s really no wonder that the movie has been a blockbuster even if just a few days have passed by, but believe it or not, though the film’s criticisms are all positive, the film itself isn’t the main talk of the town as of now. In fact, it’s beyond the cameras and set lights. Confused? Well, we’re giving you a hint: it’s got something to do with royalty. And no, not African royalty. We’re talking about English royalty.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have visited The Lion King premiere at Leicester Square, meeting the whole cast and staff of the film, even managing to snap some pictures together with a queen at heart, Beyoncé, who brought those pictures to the net for millions of fans to enjoy.

Although the cast may have a kingly Donald Glover and American royalty Beyoncé though, they were absolutely no exception to having to follow the protocol when it came to mingling with the royalties. It was all certainly worth it though if they all got to rub some shoulders with such high people. And come on everyone. Let’s all get real. Some royal crossover was literally all we needed.

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