The Mark Tumang Gowns Catriona Gray Wore On Miss Universe 2019

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It’s been three days since the new Miss Universe was crowned, but the pageant fever is not over.

Catriona Gray has been quite known for her great styles over the course of her Miss Universe reign. The most recognized gowns she wore over the course of her entire career has been designed by Mark Tumang, a renowned Filipino designer who has been designing her gowns since 2016, when she joined another prestigious pageant on the same year, Miss World.

The designer was also the one who had made Catriona’s famous lava gown which she had donned the moment she had won the title Miss Universe.

Source: Mega

The whole world was amazed at her lava gown which had the story of Mt. Mayon, a famous active volcano in the Philippines located in Catriona Gray’ province, behind it. With this, it was no question that Mark Tumang and Catriona Gray’s tandem would once again work it up during the Miss Universe 2019 event when Catriona had passed the crown to the sweet, empowered, and intelligent Miss South Africa, the current titleholder of the Miss Universe crown.

Back at the Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, Catriona had worn two gowns designed by Mark Tumang.

The first gown she wore at the event was the LuzViMinda gown, a gown that has the same name as the national costume Catriona wore at the last year’s Miss Universe competition. The name simply implies the three major islands of the Philippines, Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The gown and its cute title with a great meaning has had quite the appeal, making it a perfect thing for Catriona to wear early in the competition.


On the other hand, for her recognized final walk, Catriona wore a fantastic blue gown that was called, Reflection.

The gown serves as a tribute to the Philippine eagle which tends to fly over the seas surrounding the country — even so though, it still manages to see its reflection on the clear waters of the Philippines no matter how high it soars. Mark Tumang has used this imagery to symbolize the “Filipino nation’ moment of reflection” on themselves.

Source: GMA Network

Upon wearing this gown, Catriona gracefully walked on the stage as she thanked everyone who has supported her throughout her journey as the former reigning Miss Universe, speaking the said message in both Filipino and English.

Currently, Catriona is now in the Philippines and plans to take on a show business career as a recording artist.


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