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The Morning Skin Care Routine You Seriously Need To Wake Up To

The Morning Skin Care Routine You Seriously Need To Wake Up To

Believe it or not: we tend to look like monsters in the morning. It’s a crazy fact we don’t want to have to face, but we just have to slide with anyway. Why? Because it’s true and it can make our mornings something we despise. Seriously, if you don’t feel this way, you must be an angel. But then if you wake up like this:

You probably don’t need a morning routine anymore anyway. However, if you’d still want one and have convinced yourself you look like this:

Well then, a skin care routine is a must to do in the morning. Luckily for you, we’ve got the best one from a great Filipino YouTuber: Anne Lopez.

Here are the materials you’re going to need to prepare:

1. Facial Wash

2. An Ice Cube

3. Facial Toner

4. Facial Moisturizer

Step #1. Wash Your Face With Your Fav Facial Wash.

Washing your face isn’t only essential at night. You have to wash your face in the morning too and for quite the number of reasons. The main reasons though are the following: to remove any of those germs you may have gotten throughout the night while you were sleeping and to get your facial skin to really absorb and get into the other products you’ll be using for your routine for a glowing face.

Step #2. Rub Ice On Your Face — Yeah, It Helps.

Who knew ice actually helps? Yeah, probably no one.

Apparently, it’s scientifically proven that rubbing ice cubes can make your skin glow by improving your blood circulation. It also reduces those scars or pores on your face. It hydrates your skin too, moisturizing your skin in the process.

Step #3. Make Sure To “Pat Your Face With A Towel” After The Ice Cube Routine.

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There’s a reason why you shouldn’t just “rub the towel” across your facial skin.

If you’re trying to aim for a smooth face, you should merely pat your face aa it prevents the ala nightmare dry face.

Step #4. It’s Toner Time!

Face toners are a must to use when you want to achieve the perfect skin, because they remove the excess bacteria your facial wash wasn’t able to remove and the dead skin cells. It also avoids your face from becoming acidic.

Step #5. Finally, Moisturize Your Face.

It’s given why you need to moisturize your face: to avoid acne and blemishes. It’s extremely important to avoid that dry and oily skin.

Step #6. Enjoy Your Facial Skin!

Now that your skin feels amazing, smooth, and soft, you can now feel confident and well throughout the day! Show off your glowing skin and feel great!

Watch the entire video below if you want to see it in a different format and have fun with your skin!

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