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The Most Aesthetic Dorm Room Ideas For A Lit College Life

The Most Aesthetic Dorm Room Ideas For A Lit College Life

Starting as a freshman in college this year? Or are you already stuck in college?

Are you afraid that the college life won’t be as awesome as you figured it would be?

Or are you already asking yourself why you’re even facing the college life that had let you down and just want to get done with it?

Well, if you’re either one of those two kinds of people, fear not!

And yes, we are going all knight in shining armour for you, but that’s mainly because we care and we just want you to have that rosy college life. Now before you stop us there and say, “Rosy? A rosy college life doesn’t exist,” we’re going to stop you there first, because it does! All you need to do is motivate yourself or have a different perception. Think positive and let those toxic stuff out of your life!

How? Well, simply by changing it! You can start that life-changing motive with your room (which is probably messy with the piles of homework and books you do and read everyday — yeah let’s not even dwell deeper there).

Your room is the first thing you wake up to and the last thing of the day you see. In order to score that nice positivity, all you have to do is make your room look welcoming and not like Simba could hide in there. Here are a couple of ideas we plucked from the Instagram account of @collegelifemadeeasy which we hope you’ll like! If you’re not living in a dorm, you can always do these designs to your own bedroom!

Also, go follow @collegelifemadeeasy for college humour and helpful tips!

Room Design #1. The ala Artist’s Corner Room (In Spring).

Make your life a seeming work of art with this design! Stick some polaroid photos on the wall or a motto which will be the first thing you see everyday to guarantee you positive vibes (and of course, make sure it’s one that will really motivate you for the day). Add some flower or plant décor to make it look like it’s spring and think of the flowers as you just blossoming in your college life.

And if you’re worried about sticking the polaroid photos right on the wall, just chill, because there’s a remedy for that too.

Yes, you’re welcome.

Room Design #2. The Easy Design.

You don’t have to necessarily put all of your energy when it comes to stepping up your room game. Achieving that aesthetic doesn’t have to be super difficult. If you’re really creative, you can put a lot of work into it, but if you don’t really see yourself as that kind of person, don’t worry, because achieving your college dorm paradise has not been put to an end. There’s always this choice:

Arrange your stuff, nab some fairy lights, get a rug, and get any design you want printed so you can stick it on the wall. Yes, it’s that easy.

Room Design #3. The Minimalist Vibe.

Another way to achieve motivation is to lessen the stuff in your room that makes it messy and also, inevitably makes you want to scream. Clear your room out the same way you want to clear out your life. Here’s an example of what room could like being mess-free:

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Now that’s a true paradise.

Room Design #4. Passion Show-Off.

Want to know what’s the best thing you can put on your wall to motivate yourself? It’s your dreams! Put some of your passions on the wall so you could always to continue your college work to reach your dreams.

Don’t be afraid to show off your passion!

Room Design #5. Cozy and Neutral.

Go ahead and be monotone for a gorgeous cozy effect. You can even go all brown to make your room ala cabin just like this design below!

And that’s all for these aesthetic room ideas! We hope you love them just so you could spark up your college life. If you aren’t a college student yet or anymore, that’s fine. These designs aren’t just limited to college students. They can be for ones at heart too! So what are you waiting for? Design your room now!

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