The Search for Unique and Best Tasting Halo-halo in Town

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Filipinos have a wide variety of food when it comes to dessert. From glutinous sweetened rice or the kakanin, cakes, and pastries down to sweet shakes and coolers. And if you are living in a tropical country where heat is what you experience most the time, it is a rewarding treat to eat and drink a dessert at the same time so, what dessert are we talking about? I bet you already have the idea!

It is known for the variety of ingredients you can choose from. The good thing is you can customize the ingredients based on your preference — topped with shaved ice poured with rich evaporated milk, leche flan, and ube or purple yam plus an additional scoop of ice cream for a combo treat of this dessert and yes, you have guessed it right. It is no other than the classic Halo-halo.

Halo-halo has become a staple food for Filipinos. Some milk, different canned beans, fruits, and jellies make a classic version of Halo-halo, but restaurants either big or small are creating their own version of Halo-halo, adding twists to the usual serving and adding ingredients that will make it unique and loved by their customers. People always say that in every meal, always make room for dessert so we are going to give you restaurants or stores that serve unique Halo-halo.

Kuya J’s Restaurant

Formerly known as Kan-Anan ni Kuya J, the establishment started as a carinderia in Cebu which eventually expanded into a restaurant that is currently hitting the market. Kuya J is offering authentic and unique Filipino food, but their Halo-halo is a unique one. Of course classic ingredients are still there, but the secret is in their ice. A normal and classic Halo-halo uses only shaved ice, but for Kuya J`s they use shaved flavored ice. It is very appetizing to see how one classic ingredient of your Halo-halo is mixed with the ice that adds more flavor to it.

Mt. Arayat Special Halo-Halo

Known as the “Pride of Pampanga Since 1970”, Mt. Arayat offers a different and unique version of their Halo-halo. They are using sweet beans, crushed ice, creamed corn and instead of capping the halo-halo with a normal leche flan or ube, Mt. Arayat’s special Halo-halo uses Pastilla de Leche and carabao milk instead of normal evaporated milk, now that`s another unique ingredient you want to try! You can find their store at Ground Floor North Trade Arcade, SM Mall of Asia.

Yelo Yelo

The newest dessert spot in UP Town Center is known for their Fiesta ambiance and of course their Filipino meriendas with a twist. Focusing on their Halo-halo, they offer unique flavors like new Ube Coco Froyo, Buko Pandan, Maja Blanca, Mangga’t Suman, and of course the original Halo-halo. You will say goodbye to watered-down desserts because they are using milk on their ice, so it will guarantee you a delightful treat on every scoop of Yelo Yelo.

Bench Café

The love for local Filipino food is highlighted at the Bench Café which is known for their Filipino merienda delicacies and Filipino meals and with Halo-halo as one of their best sellers, they are offering the Bench Cafe Halo Halo challenge that allows you to take in the great flavors of their Halo-halo like the White Halo Halo (served with coconut shaved ice, macapuno, garbanzos, caramelized banana, leche flan, nata de coco, and coconut ice cream), Ginumis a Panucha shaved ice (served with sago and jelly), Mango Otap (served with mango shaved ice, shamrock otap, mango puree, cream, and fresh Mango),and of course the Ube Halo Halo coconut Shaved ice (served with macapuno, garbanzos, caramelized banana, leche flan, Ube Halaya, nata de coco, and coconut ice cream.

Ben’s Halo-Halo Ice Cream

Are you looking fo a twist to your classic Halo-halo? Well, Ben’s Halo-halo of Laguna will satisfy your every expectation. Halo-halo is known for having sweet ingredients, but what if you add chili? Is that possible? Well yes! Ben’s Halo-halo is known for their unique flavors. One of which is rheir Spicy Halo-halo, served with only banana, langka, ube, macapuno, leche flan, and ice made up of gelato ice cream that will balance the kick of spice of their Spicy halo-halo. And for another plot twist of our Halo-halo story at Ben’s, fhey also offer salted egg halo-halo. Is curiosity kicking right now? Go ahead and try these unique flavors only at Ben!s Halo-halo Ice Cream!

Halo Halo de Iloko

If you’re travelling around the North and have time to stop by at La Union, Halo-halo de Iloko is a restaurant you must try. It offers Iloco dishes that tourists and locals love, but they are known for their Halo-halo which is served in a buko shell with all the ingredients of a normal halo-halo. It is not just a good looking halo-halo, but also a delicious one. But the most recommended menu for halo-halo is the Fried Halo-halo. Never heard of that before? Yes, they reinvented the classic one Fried halo-halo doesm’t have ice. Instead, the ingredients are coated on a pastry or crepe top with ice cream, queso, ube, and cherry.

Are you hungry for some Halo-halo now? Make sure to have a lot room for every store and enjoy the experience of devouring the unique Halo-halo dessert.


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