These Outfits Are On The Verge To Making You Emo

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Sometimes it’s nice to wear those pastel K-pop colours, other times it’s fun to wear those semi-casual clothes that are enough to get you into the kawaii culture, but most times, it’s extremely exhilarating and fresh to wear emo clothes, most especially if your favourite colour is black. Now, now, now, we know what you may be thinking. How is being emo cool? Well my friend, clearly, you are missing out, because there is everything cool about being emo and you’re just about to find out what.

1. Wednesday Addams Vibes.

Source: Buzzfeed

If you haven’t watched the Addams family when you were a kid, have you even lived at all? We’re telling you right now, you haven’t, because Wednesday Addams is one character you’re going to have to look forward to. Besides the fact her darkness is satisfying, her sense of style is one to embrace. We think when you go Wednesday, there’ll be no going back.

2. Fishnet Stockings.

Source: Pinterest

Fishnet stockings are a complete classic in emo culture and they still don’t fail to bring that great style. Pair it with some nice band shirts and shorts and you’re good to go. Remember: it’s best to go black, usually.

3. Long Sleeved Shirts and Hoodies.

Source: Pinterest

Go with the emo culture without giving so much of the vibe. This outfit is used even by non-emos. It’s pretty open to the general public. Why? ‘Cause it’s too frigging awesome! Go ahead and try it to get those heads turning

4. Plaid Skirts. Red Plaid Skirts.

Source: Pinterest

As an emo in training, one must know black and red are ALWAYS great together. There is literally no time they aren’t. If you can’t seem to find yourself following the former outfits provided, just get a random black shirt and tuck it under your red plaid skirt. It’ll always work.


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