These Song Mashups Make Us Wish The Artists Just Do A Collab Already

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I have a thing with songs. Well to be fair, I think everybody has. There’s just something about it that gives me life everyday. I feel like I want to dance or break into a solo song number sometimes and when you listen to these cool song mashups like I do, I think you’ll pretty much understand.

I’m bringing you into a whole new world of remixes and songs you never knew actually sounded great together.

Trust me, this is the type of song life you never knew you’ve missed your whole life.

There’s Nothing Holding Me Back x One Last Time (Shawn Mendes x Ariana Grande — made by Ross Mashups)

This song mashup has a really good melody to it. It’s basically two songs that we never really thought would actually do great in a mashup. It makes us wish Ariana Grande would just go and do a collaboration with Shawn Mendes, because their voice blending just sounds perfect, especially since they’re singing two separate songs, they aren’t even trying to harmonize with each other.

Sucker x I Knew You Were Trouble (The Jonas Brothers x Taylor Swift — made by Ross Mashups)

This song mashup is another one with a cool upbeat tone to it. This is another example of two songs we never actually thought could go together, but something we’re thankful that got mashed together anyway.

It’s an eargasm blessing.

Shape of You x Treat You Better (Ed Sheeran x Shawn Mendes — made by earlvin14 Mashups)

These two songs when mashed together are actually really good and seem to display two men fighting over the same girl if you listen to it closely. It’s like these two songs were made for each other.

Talk about musical destiny.

Don’t Wanna Know x We Don’t Talk Anymore (Maroon 5 x Charlie Puth — made by earlvin14 Mashups)

This is another song mashup that seems to display a story. When you listen to it, it sounds like a guy still hung over from a breakup.

It sounds really good. Seriously.

Same Old Love x Sorry (Selena Gomez x Justin Bieber — made by Adamusic)

Now this one is something I saved best for the last since it’s my favorite.

With these two artists being actual lovers before, this song sounds like a fight between them. Well, a fight that you want to hear over and over again. It’s crazy, but their lyrics just seriously answer back to each other. I guess it’s because of that fact which I had just said of them being real life lovers before.

I also think it’s because these songs which they had made was about each other’s relationship too.


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