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Tutorials have never been so easy to find. With one magical click on YouTube, you’re already pretty much welcomed by a bunch of videos sort of whispering you to choose them to watch. When it comes to make up, we know that there are too many tutorials to try and learn on the net. Too many to choose from at that which makes YouTube sort of less magical. But chillax, because with one swish of a wand coming from your beloved fairy godmother (that’s us if you hadn’t already guessed), we’re going to provide you the top 5 YouTubers who will definitely help you with your make up and not just at a low price, but for free.

1. Tati Westbrook

Every wondered how Hollywood celebrities did their make up? Poof! We’ve got you the answer and that’ll have to be Tati Westbrook. With her, you’d be wondering no more and instead you’d have all the answers you can get. With the job of a Hollywood makeup artist, she’s determined to let you in on every beauty haul secret and tip. Sure it might sound too good to be true. Hollywood is pretty much magic and a magician never tells his or her secrets. Though that may have a point, you should still Tati Westbrook’s YouTube channel, because we aren’t kidding.

2. Jeffree Star

Singer-songwriter Jeffrey Star is another YouTuber who can let you in on all the secrets of beauty, because he isn’t just talented with his music, he’s also a makeup artist too and if you thought that was cool, better check out his YouTube channel. A little warning though, you might not be able to survive with all his awesomeness.

3. NikkieTutorials

Nikkie de Jager who is commonly known for her YouTube channel’s name, NikkieTutorials, is just absolutely killing it or us rather with the variety of make up videos she does that just slay. Seriously, this girl makes it look so easy or perhaps, it just really is. She’s your go-to-girl for every beauty tip. In fact she’s so great, you might just have to treat her as your best friend fro, the other side (woah, going all Dr. Facilier from The Princess and The Frog, we see).

4. PatrickStarrr

Patrick Simondac is slayin’ it as one of our own. As a more awesome than awesome Filipino-American, PatrickStarrr is a beauty expert whose determined to help you get through your every beauty trouble with his every beauty video. Boy are we happy to see that Filipino blood in his gorgeous veins as he is talented when it comes to handling make up. He could be flawless.

5. Bretman Rock

Seriously girls, did you think we’d get away with putting only one Filipino in this list? What do you take us for some kind of animals? Ok, maybe we are ones — gorgeous ones at that. Kidding.

Anyway, going back to the list, Bretman Rock is one of the greatest Internet celebrities out there who not only knows a thing or two about make up. He knows a lot. And yes, we look up to him like crazy. We mean, how can’t you? He’s too awesome and just so gorgeous. We’re proud Filipinas to put him on this list. We couldn’t be happier than happier to know how talented Filipinos are in the make up industry.

Well, that’s it for now, girls! We hope you get to check into these YouTube channels and gain the knowledge of makeup which you’ve been seeking. Don’t forget to like their videos and subscribe their YouTube channel! That’s the greatest advice your fairy godmothers in disguise can give you right now.



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