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Things to Do While Stuck in Traffic

Things to Do While Stuck in Traffic

Is there any other place you loathe apart from being stuck in traffic after a long and hard day at work? All the time, money and energy consumed by stepping on and off the pedal and waiting for the red lights to clear instead of getting some rest, spending time with your loved ones or simply doing things for yourself is simply put to waste. 

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But don’t just sulk inside your car and allow the darkness consume you in the middle of the river of red lights. We are all citizens of this earth and it’s just wrong to think that one’s time is more important than others. We all want to rest and get out from whatever traffic situation we are in. I’m pretty sure no one would fancy being stuck in traffic unless you’re in a car with Ryan Gosling or Captain America.

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Here at SHY Philippines, we rounded up a couple of tips and tricks you could do to keep yourself entertained and well whilst in the middle of the worst traffic situation you can ever imagine. We hope you could pick one or two from the list; and yes – you can thank us later!

Create at least three traffic playlists and listen to music

The famous Bob Marley once said, “One good thing about music, when it hits, you feel no pain.” Music makes everything better – especially if it’s your favorite tune or just about any song that suits your current mood. Turn up the volume and sing if you must. Apart from entertaining yourself, you also get to unleash your inner Taylor Swift or Sarah G!

Download videos and chill if you aren’t behind the wheel

Whether it be your favorite TV series or an entire movie, a fully-downloaded clip is better than streaming as the reception from mobile data or even portable broadband devices can be quite “choppy” while aboard a moving vehicle, especially when stuck inside a tunnel of some sort. Don’t forget your Power bank to freshen up your batteries just in case!

Pack your food on the go

Most people eat late and end up getting ill because of skipping meals due to the long way from home. The important task of eating your meals on time, whether breakfast, lunch or dinner could actually be ticked off your “to do list” even before you get home. How? Get your meals packed and dig in while on your way home. This may not be the most appetizing setting especially while driving, but it’s practical and saves a lot of time as well.

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Always take your laptop with you and start or finish some jobs while in the car

This is so applicable to students and even yuppies who are catching up on deadlines whether it be home works, thesis, or for work. Don’t forget to charge your laptop before getting in the car!


If you are driving, stepping on and off the gas could be exhausting. Hydration is key! Never ever leave without a water bottle filled with your favorite non-alcoholic drink! Be it water, water with lemons, orange juice, soft drinks, or even an energy drink, having something to drink will keep you feeling refreshed in the middle of the chaos.

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