Think Your IG Feed Is Dry? Well, Come On Down To BGC!

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Instagram is such a great social media platform, encouraging people to express themselves through photography. Some people post random pictures, others would like to have their own Instagram theme to keep things organized, while others are just absolutely dead serious with obtaining those IG goals. The latter isn’t exactly a bad thing, because come to think of it, it’s going to feel real good when people are just drawn to your account. Trying to aim for that aesthetic goal though may be frustrating, especially when you don’t know where the heck to go to get your feed to be “Instagrammable”.

If you’re just starting up you’re feed or totally deleted all your posts because you aren’t satisfied then we know one specific place with a ton of cool spots where you could take that high quality Insatragam-worthy photo: Bonifacio Global City (otherwise known as BGC)

Now, you might be thinking, “Why oh why BGC?”

Well, we’d tell you all the reasons why, but our description may be an understatement all because BGC is just TOO GOOD so here are a bunch of pictures of the place for you to see how cool it is (and of course, we’re taking the pictures from Instagram), because a picture tells a thousand words (or it could leave you undoubtedly speechless from its aesthetic beauty).

So good, right? The pictures are too irresistable — as in too irresistable to like. With every aesthetic picture, you’d just want to double click over and over again or wish your pictures to be just like this. Well, no worries though. I may not be a genie, but your magic wish is about to come true. Here are the top spots in BGC where you should totally go to get that on point pic!

Farmacy Ice Cream And Soda Fountain

Other than their creamy and tasty ice cream, milkshakes, coffee, and other tasty treats and drinks that could just help you unwind, it’s Farmacy‘s design that will attract you as it takes on the classic look of century-old ice cream parlors, perfect for that vintage type of Instagrammable picture.

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Favorite ice cream place 💖

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If you’re aiming for a vintage style feed, then this one is certainly a good place to start.

There are a bunch of filters you could try to make it even more vintage. Some of the apps I like are VSCO and Afterlight. They make pretty neat filtered pictures.

Just a reminder for everyone though, the filters were made to keep the tone of the feed consistent if you’re ever aiming for a vintage type (like the picture below).

It isn’t something to hide the real you. We don’t do that here.

Here are some VSCO filters you could try:

Here are some filter combinations for Afterlight on the other hand:

Sunnies Café

Sunnies may be known as a neat glasses shop, but it’s also a café and a real aesthetic one at that. After all, it has been inspired by the whole team’s hangout spots in different parts of the world. You know what that means? It’s a whole pack of places put in one. It makes it all the more awesome and fantastic!

Sunnies‘ pastel look is something that you just simply cannot pass when it comes to Instagramming. In fact, their color style (besides their food goals) is the precise reason as to why you just HAVE TO take pictures here.

Even celebrities seem to think the same!

The color pattern of Sunnies’ café is perfect for a soft pastel theme like the one you may see below.

The perfect VSCO color combinations for these are:

And for Afterlight:

Wildflour Café + Bakery

The Wildflour Café + Bakery is a fascinating establishment as they efficiently and wonderfully serve authentic Italian food that’s bound to make you want to stay.

Other than that, its minimalistic style just draws everyone to it, especially since it’s perfect for a minimalist type of feed.

Perfect VSCO filters for a minimalistic theme are:


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