Three Highly-recommended Eyeshadows for the Amateur Makeup Junkie

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The history of cosmetics can be traced back to 10,000 B.C. in ancient Egypt, where both men and women used ointments for skin cleansing. A black mineral called “Kohl” was the first eyeliner whose purpose was to lessen sun glare and was believed to lower the risk of eye infection. From then on, lip stains and nail colors emerged and makeup was a phenomenon.

There are many benefits of makeup, which has become a necessity in most girls’ daily routine. Apart from enhancing your facial features and boosting your confidence, there are quite a lot of additional benefits of wearing makeup that deserve to be acknowledged. One among which (perhaps the most important) is the protection it provides to your skin as it keeps it safe from pollution that may be harmful. By acting as a thin layer of barrier over your skin, makeup shields it from direct exposure to dust and other harsh chemicals that may irritate your face. I’m not saying that it will provide total protection, but I can assure you that the risk will at least be minimized. Another advantage of wearing makeup is that it gives extra fun in your daily routine. It also brings out the creativity in you. Because most girls believe that makeup enhances their appearance, wearing it could help any girl look and feel her best. Just like painting, matching color palettes and knowing the right amount to put is a form of art that could unleash your inner artistic side. It could also make you look best in front of the camera; because sometimes, the natural features in your face may become unnoticeable. Makeup also allows you to connect with other women in such a way that it creates some sort of cosmetic camaraderie between girls who also use it.

A girl’s true best friend is the eyeshadow. It not only creates depth and dimension but also complements your eye color. In this article, I listed a few of my highly recommended eyeshadow brands that are available in the market today.

Sunnies Face Glowboss (P445)

The brainchild of “it girls” Georgina Wilson, Bea Soriano – Dee, and Martine Cajucom, Sunnies Face is marking its name in both the local and international cosmetic industry. Recently, they introduced the multipurpose “Glowboss”, which is a shimmery highlighter stick designed to provide that instant glow in your preferred areas, such as the cheeks and eyelids. Available in three colors, you have a variety of options to achieve that go-to-glow from day to night!

Blk cosmetics liquid eyeshadow (P299)

Blk cosmetics’ long-lasting eyeshadow comes in eight beautiful colors: I love you, slammin, the bomb, hello, cute, gorgeous, jasmine, and daisy. Blk cosmetics takes pride in its k-beauty makeup collection that has a simple approach to wearing makeup.

Ellana mineral cosmetics’ loose multipurpose pigments highlighter and eyeshadow (P299)

These amazing pure mineral powder makeup products deliver a long-lasting poreless coverage that is best suited for Asian beauties. Ellana Minerals offer a wide array of pigment eyeshadows, which are generally loose mineral powder that can be applied on the eyelids. They are easy to pick and pat on the eyelids and provide excellent color opacity in as little as one stroke.


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