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Tom Holland’s Funny and Unforgettable Spoiling Moments

Tom Holland’s Funny and Unforgettable Spoiling Moments

Tom Holland may be our favorite friendly neighborhood superhero, but when it comes to the Marvel suspense, he sure is no superhero. Tom has spoiled Marvel movie lineups countless of times, killing our suspense, but as time went on, we just laughed it off and to be fair, he’s getting better at keeping his secrets though we suppose he might slip from time to time. While he’s working on that though, let’s reminisce on the times he totally gave parts of Marvel movies away.

That Moment He Excitedly Showed Everyone The Latest Poster of A Part of the Series — Then Realized It Was Confidential.

Ah yes. Remember when Tom was going live on social media to proudly show everyone the new poster that had been sent to him by Mark Ruffalo then realized after spotting the huge word, “CONFIDENTIAL” at another piece of paper in the package that he wasn’t supposed to broadcast it after all? Yeah, we don’t think we can ever forget that. In fact, the video’s still alive.

Crazy right? Oh and did we mention that after that, his livestreams are planned now? Yep, apparently even his live videos are scripted.

Those Moments When They Wouldn’t Let Tom Holland Answer Any Interview Questions.

His co-actors like Benedict Cumberbatch basically had to do it for him to ensure a spoil-free interview. Like in this one:

And this one:

Source: Pinterest

Yeah, OK. Maybe it’s almost every interview.

That Moment He Couldn’t Spoil Because He Wasn’t Brought In To Read The Script Anymore.

No script. No spoilers. Marvel has officially found a way to make Tom Holland spoil-free, folks. They deserve an applause.

Source: Fanfest

To be fair, we kind of feel bad for Tom Holland though, but then, if that’s what it takes for him to be spoiler-free we suppose we could understand Marvel’s actions.

That Moment He Rocked a Lip Sync Battle.

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OK, you caught us. This is not a Tom Holland spoiling moment, but we just figured that we needed to put a smile on your face by reminding you Tom did this and that despite his spoiling nature, he’s still a pure human we’re thankful to have on this planet.

We’re kidding. You were looking for this, weren’t you?

Here’s the full performance, because we’re good people:

Here’s a full video of Tom spoiling stuff too: (comedy gold, we know)

While you’re at it with checking out these videos, why don’t you watch the latest Spiderman: Far From Home trailer too? And yes, Tom Holland gives a don’t spoil people type of warning before the actual trailer plays.

Check out Tom Holland in Spiderman: Far From Home, showing in theaters near you this 3rd of July!

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