Top Four Gifts for Men Worth Every Buck

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Perhaps the most challenging issue you have to settle this Christmas isn’t where to spend it our with whom to spend it with. The challenge is actually what to get for your dad, husband, brother, male cousin, and boyfriend. Shopping for these men in our lives has always been the toughest part of the holidays because you just don’t know what they want – basically because they don’t want anything or they themselves don’t know what they want. Most of the time, we end up frustrated after finding out that they didn’t get to use the set of cuff links you got for them from last Christmas.

But really, it’s not just every Christmas but also during birthdays, anniversaries, or even thanksgiving parties – basically anything that would involve buying a gift for a guy. We at SHY Philippines totally understand your hardship so we decided to provide you with the top five gift ideas that these men will surely use and learn to love. These items are great for all occasions: Christmas, birthdays, and anniversaries – name it, we got you covered!

1. A nice keychain for his car

Source: Car Luxuries

I’ve never met a man who isn’t obsessed with his car. This is probably the safest gift you could get him. Go for the less bulky keychains that are light and easy to keep inside his pocket but at the same time, visible and hard to lose.

2. A pair of sunglasses


If he’s quite fashion conscious and loves the outdoors, why not get him a pair of sunglasses such as Raybans? Make sure to pick the right shape and size for his face by doing some research.

3. A versatile wrist watch

Source: Dalsey

It’s handy to have a watch especially for men on the go. We’re pretty sure that there will be loads of reasons for him to use this and every buck will be worth it. Get a versatile one – something he can use in an ordinary day or a special formal occasion. Be mindful of the color and style as not all men dig certain colors such as gold, green, and violet. Go for the neutral ones such as black, silver, gray, and blue.

4. A charger and sync cable

Source: Google

The number one rule in gifting boys is practicality. Not all of them really care about the aesthetics. As long as it’s useful, they will appreciate it. A charger and sync cable in one is just one of those things, especially to your brother who is addicted to “Mobile Legends”.


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