Top Three Christmas Novels That A Bookworm Will Most Definitely Be Enjoying With Some Hot Coco

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Geeks would love some merchandise from their fandoms. Practical people would love some practical gifts. Coffee lovers would love any gift related to coffee. And well, bookworms? Bookworms would thank you with their whole heart if you give them a gift they can read this Christmas. Why? Well, my dear, it’s because the thought of sitting in bed with a book hand while drinking some hot coco with the chilly wind outside is a really comforting thought– especially when the person is a bookworm.

I should know, because I’m honestly a bookworm myself. And as one who is an avid fan of both reading and writing, here are the top Christmas books with wondrous plots that had totally caught my eye. It’s bound to send the reader chills just perfect for the weather as they hurrily run through each page, wondering what would come next in such a story.

Kiss Me In New York

There is no way anyone who spend time together during the holidays cannot fall in love with each other, especially when it’s in New York. There’s just something about the Christmas spirit of the city that can send you skyrocketing into happiness — and even romance.

The characters of Kiss Me In New York are absolutely no exclusion.

As the bustling flights of the JFK airport in New York City get delayed from such asnow, two broken hearts who belong to Charlotte, a British student, and Anthony, a native New Yorker, begin to mend as they come across each other. But right when they thought they have found their healing together with a mix of true love in each other’s arms, they accidentally get separated in a subway. Now facing a huge city, the two are hoping to find each other again before the flights at JFK can continue on as usual, because they just can’t slip away from one another right when they had just found each other.

The Afterlife of Holly Chase

Have you ever read or perhaps seen a movie adaptation of A Christmas Carol? Now, have you ever wondered what would have happened if the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future failed? Well, this book is exactly that as it shows what would have happened if Scrooge didn’t change ways — well, it shows what would have happened through a seventeen year old named Holly Chase anyway who may not be the Scrooge, but through her selfish cold-heart-ish ways may be counted as a Scrooge.

And with her untimely death after failing to have those lessons from the ghosts who visited her sink in, Holly has to serve as a ghost herself, being recruited in the Project Scrooge during her after life. Now she’s stuck being the ghost of Christmas past to every other Scrooge. Basically, she hates it, but that all changes when she meets Ethan.

This book may sound simple, but trust me, it’s a really good one. It’s a compelling story that just about any bookworm would want for Christmas. And if you still aren’t reassured, why don’t you go ahead and search for the reviews of this book.

What Light

We all have to admit that Thirteen Reasons Why was a really good book that had us all sprawling on the floor with heavy eyes carrying buckets of tears. As much as it is good though, it’s not an ideal book for the Christmas season. Of course, its author, Jay Asher, just had to fix that up as he decided to write a novel perfect for the holidays.

Sure, it may still be one heck of a tearjerker, but hey, at least it has some more Christmas feels to it. And as much as no one really wants to have to cry for the season (considering everyone wants you to be jolly), one can’t simply ignore this story and not read it during the perfect time of the year, so you may havr to tell your bookworm friend to grab some tissues, sit down on the chair, and get cozied up with this book as your transported into the life of Sierra whose family owns a Christmas tree farm in Oregon, but spends Christmas at California. Moving to and fro from these two places for the season gets Sierra missing each place every single time. But her whole life changes as she’s taken on a whimsical romance with Caleb who just wants redemption and forgiveness for Christmas after having made one of the biggest mistakes in his life.

Just from the plot, you could tell this book is going to be one heck of an emotional journey. This makes it a perfect gift to give to your bookworm friend — or maybe even to yourself if you have gotten interested. In fact, I won’t be surprised if you bought all these books on this list to read out of curiosity.


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