TWICE’s Jungyeon Fashion Styles That Will Make You Want Short Hair

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As women, society usually expects us to keep up with the long luxurious hair standards as they claim that short hair isn’t really a feminine thing. Well, many women of this day and age have stepped out of their way and broke the walls society puts around them.

I’d easily say that one of the women of this show business generation is TWICE’s Jungyeon who feels incredibly comfortable with her short hair and shows how feminine and sexy she could still look in it.

She flaunts out the many styles she has with her short hair that makes her both cool and fashionable.


One of those styles she has is her jumper and striped oversized long sleeved white shirt. It’s a fashion combination that has made her look extremely cute.

Even her one dangling earring and other normal one is making a huge fashion statement. She’s driving us crazy! (And to think that this is just airport combination.)

Here is the whole body look of the fashion combination:

Source: WANT
Source: Kpopmap

Another airport style of Jungyeon is this:

Source: Pinterest

Her half tucked in shirt with shorts and cool black jacket with a matching black cap make her look really awesome. It has this tomboyish touch that still manages to keep her looking really pretty.

We’d fall for Jungyeon like this over and over again.

Source: Twitter

Jungyeon makes us fall even more though with her more though with a really nice blue collared shirt and oversized orange sweater.

Source: Pinterest

This fashion statement is one often used by Korean male idols. If you think about it, it is pretty cool that Jungyeon managed to break the standards and decide to go with this gender bent style, showing that a fashion style doesn’t have to be classified gender-wise. Anyone can wear any style they want.

Source: Pinterest

Jungyeon looking like this is a neat blessing in disguise. She just looks too flawless.

Source: Pinterest

Another lit look that’s especially Jungyeon is this:

Source: Pose

Striking a pose with a chain necklace, a white long sleeved shirt over another half sleeved oversized one as its tucked in a pair of pink shorts, makes Jungyeon look too awesome and perhaps even, untouchable. Why? Because she’s simply a star in these clothes and you could be a twinkling one to as you try all these fashion styles in a pixie ala Jungyeon cut! It’s worth a try, especially since New Year’s coming real soon.

It’s time to be a brand new girl!

Source: YouTube

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