Twitter Comes Up With A List of Petty Reasons Not To Date Someone and We’re All For It

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When it comes to dating, we always have a choice. There are reasons why we get interested in someone. Love is all about decision making. Don’t even try thinking otherwise. You know deep down that’s true. After all, that’s why turn-ons and turn-offs exist! And just for today, Twitter has worked up a list on their silliest turn-offs when it comes to dating another person. Frankly, we’re all for it, because no matter how silly it is, we can’t deny the fact that it’s incredibly true! Here are the craziest and most relatable ones we found:

Sure we’d all want our boyfriends to look like Liam Payne. Amirite?

There sure is nothing like a good ol’ resume check.

If he doesn’t watch Harry Potter, dates shouldn’t be considered. We don’t need that kind of negativity in our life.

No checking his Facebook page for Star Wars action pics for days? Yeah, no thank you. [Cheers to the “She’s All That” reference]

We’re all grammar nazis at some point.

They’re just not the same thing, OK?! IT. NEVER. IS.

There’s literally a whole article about this.

Better yet, don’t say it at all.

And that’s it for the petty reasons! What do you guys think about it? Are they reletable or just some of the craziest and weirdest ones you’ve ever seen? Well, whatever your thoughts are, feel free to tune us in on them! We’d love to hear from you all!

If you want to join in on the fun for this, just type the hashtag, “#PettyReasonsNotToDateSomeone” on Twitter and be part of the Twitter trend!


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