Twitter’s Hailing Liza Soberano As ABSCBN’S Ball Fan Favorite

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Everyone knows how gorgeous Liza Soberano is. She’s like a mythical goddess brought to life and the fact that she’s photogenic, talented, and undeniably smart is what makes not only the whole Philippines going crazy for her, but the whole world as well. Even a couple international celebrities have tried wooing her! This is seriously proof enough to see how amazing Liza Soberano is. (Seriously, is she even a person?) And this year, it seems Liza has proved herself again as one of the greatest celebrities of this generation with netizens on Twitter hailing her as ABSCBN’s Ball Fan Favorite.

The ABSCBN Ball Fan Favorite is one of the rewards that will be given at the night of what we have all known as The Star Magic Ball which this year would be held for a special cause that would help today’s society. The start of the nomination began three years ago and already, Liza Soberano is the most trending potential nominee for the prize. Well, we truly aren’t surprised, because just as her fans say, she really does deserve the spot.

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So happy to be home 💙

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Here are a few tweets that show evidence how deserving our dearest Liza is:

Yep, she’s definitely a charm!

To those who want to support Liza, just tweet “#ABSCBNBallFanFav Liza Soberano” or you could also support the greatest Star Magic stars!


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