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Two Must Watch Netflix Movies With Perfect Netflix Boyfriends

Two Must Watch Netflix Movies With Perfect Netflix Boyfriends

Netflix is cool and with all the movies they have that we can watch, things just keep getting more fantastic. Sure though, there are a lot of good films to choose from and you might not know from which of it you should pick. Well, you’re in luck if you’re into a Netflix movie that will get you an instant boyfriend, because these characters are just so boyfriend material. You’ll have yourself wishing you were the main character in the film. And honestly? We wish this everyday.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Befores Peter Kavinsky

Honestly, who on Earth could not love Peter Kavinsky? The guy’s a blessing for our eyes. And if you don’t think he is (which is basically just so impossible) then we got the right reasons to make you fall in love with him otherwise.

1. He Says “Woah, Woah, Woah” A Lot And Is Honestly Just So Cute.

Whether he doesn’t understand something, surprised, or just feeling like it, Peter Kavinsky won’t stop saying “Woah, woah, woah” and honestly, we ain’t complaining. And the fact that it’s Noah Centineo’s mannerism which he had just decided to pitch in for Peter Kavinsky in the film version makes everything just way more cuter.

Noah Centineo being real life Peter Kavinsky is confirmed. They are indeed one.

And just because we wanna make your day, here’s a video of Peter Kavinsky saying nothing, but “Woah, woah, woah” for two minutes straight. May you be blessed.

2. His Sarcasm Drives Us Crazy And Honestly, We Just Don’t Know If We Should Fall In Love Or Get Annoyed — But Ya Know, Whatever. We’re Falling In Love, Ayt?

Peter Kavinsky has a way with saying things and with his deep, scruffy, and not to mention sexy voice, we just don’t know if we should fall in love or be annoyed. But gosh, as much as we want to punch back his senses to his face, we just can’t. He’s just too precious for us.

3. He Can Make Us Fall In Love With Just About Any Word He Says.

Love. Progress. Woah. Supercalifragilisticespialadocious. Peter Kavinsky doesn’t fail to drive us crazy by just letting go of one word even if literally makes no sense, but who cares right? At least it’s Peter Kavinsky!

4. He’ll Do The Pocket Spin To You — Yes, THE VERY Pocket Spin.

Ah, the pocket spin, one of the most romantic scenes in film history if not the most romantic. We sure can remember when that happened to us in high school — said no one ever. But hey, it might happen to you anyway if Peter Kavinsky is your boyfriend. It’s not impossible.

Here’s a full scene of the pocket spin so you could feel the scene. You might wanna have to replay it all over again though.

The Kissing Booth’s Noah Flynn

Now after all that buttering Peter Kavinsky up, it’s time for another Netflix boyfriend to take the rounds in our heart and that’s Noah Flynn — the guy your guy best friend is brothers with and the guy you just totally fell in love with but can’t, because you made a promise. You and your best friend have a rule. But hey, just ‘cause he’s too hot, you just HAVE to think that he’s worth breaking the rules for.

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1. He’d Sure Love To Give You Late Night Calls.

He sure knows how to treat his girl right by giving her late night calls. Be aware that it might consist of sweet “good nights” and “I love you’s” to the mix that will give you those kilig feels.

2. His Intense Stares Will Legit Turn You Into Stone.

This GIF explains it all and honestly, we feel like we’re turning into stone already.

3. He’s Like A Baywatch Boyfriend.

We’d honestly give everything to see Noah Flynn running down a beach with his luxurious hair any time. We’d honestly free our schedule for this and we’re downright serious.

And with all that, if you just can’t get enough of these two, here’s a Netflix boyfriend battle you deserve to much to settle once and for all who you should [mentally] date. Or well, you could always go crushing on both of them about any time.

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