Tyra Banks Went On A Liking Spree Over Maymay Entrata

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Maymay Entrata is one of the rising and most promising models out there the world has yet to see. She’s fabulous, fierce, and real talented at those catwalks. She’s legit the next big thing and like everyone else in the Philippines, we’re rooting for her. And it also apparently seems that Tyra Banks, one of the best international models can’t help but support her too.

With the ABS-CBN ball just having come up from around the corner, fans and people who just have the right amount of admiration for fashion have posted pictures of Maymay Entrata’s elegant world-class dress made by a Filipino designer based in Dubai. The netizens tagged Tyra Banks, hoping to give Maymay the international attention she truly deserves.

And with a ton of attempts, the netizens were able to successfully get Tyra Banks’ attention — perhaps even more than expected as the international model went on a liking spree for the Filipina actress in Twitter, noticing four tweets featuring Maymay Entrata.

As a token of gratitude, the actress posted on her IG story how thankful she was that Tyra Banks “approved” and appreciated her grown for the event.

This is not the first time Tyra Banks took notice of Maymay Entrata’s style. The model also liked her ABS-CBN ball’s outfit for 2017 and BENCH fashion week look. She’s basically been monitoring Maymay’s model poses and with this much grand and international attention, we can tell Maymay has a bright future ahead of her when it comes to her dream career of modeling.


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