Wasn’t Journalist Raissa Robles Impressed by The SEA Games Opening Ceremony?

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Twitterverse is again on fire as journalist Raissa Robles lambasts some of the dancing and singing used by the Filipino performers at the recently held SEA Games opening ceremony in the massive Philippine Arena. She also did not spare famous Black Eyed Peas member Apl.de.Ap, whom she regarded as “hindi pinoy”. “Hindi Pinoy si Apl de Ap. Amerikano na sya. Pinoy pop – yung kinanta na Kay Ganda ng Lahing Pilipino – hindi native yan. Ginaya sa Amerika. Gaya ng ballet, banyaga pero nilagyan ng mga Pinoy elements. I’ve seen very good ballet dances w Phil. Native dance movements,” she tweeted. Because of this, her Twitter feed was bombarded with a multitude of comments from furious netizens who think otherwise.

Claiming that she used to do reviews of stage shows and being the former stage manager of Imee Marcos’ stage play after taking up scriptwriting under Orlando Nadres and National Artist Amelia Bonifacio where she both got a grade of 1, Robles says she expected much more from the ceremony as she knew that an enormous amount of money spent for the occasion. She anticipated that the performances would have been world class and broadcasted live. The famous journalist mentioned in particular the dance moves by the Sarimanok being not native as they were mostly ballet moves. She however loved the duet of the young couple who sang a love song; and described it as “simple and unpretentious”. When a commenter asked her about praiseworthy things of the SEA Games Opening Ceremonies, she elaborated, “The march of our present day athletes and our winning athletes, the lighting, the huge stage, the ability of the camera to take an overhead shot of the stage, the beauty queens, the duet of the two young singers in a love song, apl di ap, lani misalucha’s powerful voice.”

Meanwhile, Apl.de.Ap left a rhyming comment on her feed, “Let the haters continue to hate, we’re here as a country to motivate and elevate.”

Raissa Robles began her career as an investigative journalist during the Marcos regime.


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