WATCH Marvel’s “The Black Widow” Official Trailer Here

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Have you ever wondered what’s the past behind the fierce and strong woman among the Avengers? Natasha Romanoff, who gave up her life for the Soul stone at Infinity War is of course an iconic character and remarkable actress worthy of her own eponymous movie. The sought-after “Black Widow” will soon be seen on theaters world wide this coming May 2020 but you could actually hold on to your seats as early as now as the official movie trailer is finally out and we can assure you that it there isn’t a dull moment in it.


The character of Natasha, or “Black Widow” has always been alluringly mysterious; and finally all the answers to our questions will be revealed in a matter of a few months from now. The first ever teaser debuted last Monday and you can watch it only here at SHY Philippines. It showed snippets of her Russian family reunion, specifically her equally fierce sister, as well as their common enemy. Despite this, she has always referred to the Avengers as “her family” whom she valued very much.

Among the powerhouse cast are Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova; Rachel Weisz of as Melina Vostokoff; and “Stranger Things” star David Harbour as Red Guardian or Alanovich Shostakov.

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In an interview with CNN, Scarlett Johansson said, “I think you’ll learn about what Natasha is afraid of, and I think you’ll learn about what parts of herself she’s afraid of. You really see her in, like, a pretty broken-down place, and she kinda has to build herself back up.”


Scarlett Johansson is the current title-holder of “the world’s highest paid actress”. For her role in “Iron Man 2”, she earned $400,000 while her standalone “Black Widow” movie was more than thrice bigger – a whooping $15 million. She bagged at least another $15 million for “Avengers: Endgame” and “Avengers: Infinity War” making her total earnings from her Marvel movies more or less $60-75 million. Scarlett Johansson has a net worth of $165 million.


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