Watch The Never Before Scenes of ‘Hello, Love, Goodbye’

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We can tell that until now, we can’t get over the story of Joy and Ethan. It’s a good thing Star Cinema uploaded a video of never-before-seen footage of the blockbuster hit movie!

The six unseen scenes is a roller coaster ride of emotion from sentimental to tearjerker feels. The first scene features Joy wishing for Marydale, portrayed by Maymay Enatrata, to be the last member of the family to sacrifice her own dream just to provide for the family. The second scene is when Joy rethinks her decision to move to Canada. The third scene shows Mrs. Chung portrayed by actress Pang Mei Sheung, the grandmother whom Joy is taking care of, trying to comfort Joy when she arrived late and was drained from all the burden and difficulties of life. The fourth scene was when Joy and her friends, Sally and Gina, were looking for Marydale under the busy district of Hongkong. The fifth scene will make you kilig as it showed Ethan and Joy go for a walk. The two held hands as they crossed the street while “Ikaw At Ako”, a song by Moira Dela Torre and Jason Marvin can be heard playing in the background. And for the last scene, Ethan can be seen shedding tears for Joy.

Grab a handful of tissue and watch it now!

“Hello, Love, Goodbye” is the highest-grossing Filipino film of all time after earning ₱880M worldwide. The story which features a modern story and the reality the Overseas Filipino Workers’ life is directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina. Kathryn portrayed the character of Joy and Alden portrayed Ethan, two people who had crossed paths and fell in love in Hong Kong while battling through the ups and downs of life of being an OFW. The pairing of Kathryn and Alden who came from rival networks GMA and ABS-CBN is quite controversial, but fans can’t get enough of their chemistry as on-screen partners, making this movie a blockbuster hit.


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