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We Don’t Need To Be Sherlock Holmes To Figure Out Bea Alonzo’s Cryptic Post

We Don’t Need To Be Sherlock Holmes To Figure Out Bea Alonzo’s Cryptic Post

Last Sunday, Bea Alonzo started a fire by sharing a post of a black picture with a cryptic caption on Instagram that read, “You can’t make the same mistake twice. The second time you make it, it’s not a mistake anymore, it’s a choice. ENOUGH.” And to be honest, it didn’t even take us a minute to decipher what it meant, but it did take us a couple of moments to wonder what had happened.

Iconic Filipino actress Bea Alonzo has been in an on and off relationship with fellow actor Gerald Anderson. Their pasts first became intertwined in 2010. They eventually broke up due to numerous reasons. They had then found their way back together in 2016; however, due to the post, it seems that love wasn’t all that sweet the second time around.

Numerous celebrities have reached out to Bea, staying by her side and supporting her during this “tough time” which points out to Bea and Gerald’s break up, but their break up wasn’t the only main thing that had sparked across the internet. Julia Barreto’s apparent involvement has been spreading like wildfire, with photos of her and Gerald on the beach going all sweet surfacing the internet, first posted by a supposed fan.

Bea Alonzo’s likes to posts that spoke of Julia’s involvement in their relationship served as quite the evidence that she was the reason behind the break up, driving fans quite crazy all over it.

Meanwhile, amidst all the mess occurring on Instagram, someone has made an account on Twitter, claiming to Bea Alonzo as he posts “hugot” statements about the break up. The account has been receiving quite the fame and number of followers that Bea has taken it upon herself to write a disclaimer on her verified IG account, @beaalonzo, noting that the account is actually not hers.

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