‘We Win As One’ — The SEA Games Opening Literally Just Blew Us All Away

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The SEA Games opened officially last night (November 30) and boy was it a great treat. I’d honestly replay the whole thing for this whole day. I’m not even kidding — I can seriously watch only that for the whole day — maybe even a week or a month. There’s a really valid reason why though — it was just that fantastic.

With the Philippines hosting the SEA games after fourteen years, a lot of controversies have been going on, such as the logo and kikiam incident which has had its fair share of memes.

Despite this though, the official opening of the competition seemed to not disappoint as our country successfully showed all other ten countries our colorful culture.

Lani Misalucha started everything off by proudly singing the Philippine national anthem.

The celebration then began with the dances of the different indigenous groups of mostly the pre-colonial period.

Things then smoothly shifted to the Philippine Spanish period , showing off our Hispanic culture to the crowd.

After that, the parade of athletes, which resembled the Philippines’ Flores de Mayo, happened. Each was led by a beauty queen. For the Philippines, it was none other than Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach.

When the Philippines came out during the parade, the song changed to Manila to which President Rodrigo Duterte danced to.

The clothes worn by our athletes have been designed by Francis Libiran and show quite a fancy modern touch to the barong Tagalog. To be fair, we all sort of want it in our wardrobe.

The SEA games flag was carried by the sports icons of the Philippines which truly set an emotional tone for the crowd.

Many Filipino performers then appeared on stage to sing a ton of songs celebrating Filipino pride. These would include apl.de.ap, Iñigo Pascual, KZ Tandingan, Elmo Magalona, and many more.

The opening then ended with the theme song of the SEA games, We Win As One, originally sung by Lea Salonga.


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