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We’re All Going Wild With The 8 Days Left Before The Premiere of “The Gift”

We’re All Going Wild With The 8 Days Left Before The Premiere of “The Gift”

Alden Richards has been the talk of the town for many times in a row for a while now with all those achievements and projects he was able to fulfill in such a short span of time. Not only his fans are going crazy for him, but the rest of the Philippines is proud of what he’s done too. Because of this, Alden Richards isn’t stopping there. He’s leveling up his career and he’s beginning with a new TV show on GMA, a heavy drama called, “The Gift”. There’s only eight more days to go with this one and fans are already going crazy. Can’t say we aren’t though, because we are flippin’ thrilled for the show!

Fans have gone to social media to express their excitement for the show.

They’ve also posted their favorite pictures with the star. Some have even posted motivational quotes.

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Yes, social media is going crazy for Alden Richards and we think that they really will for some time now. The guy is just a complete package and we, ourselves are swooning for him and excited for his show like the others! We could just imagine how amazing he’s going to be!

Oh well, eight more days to go, everyone! We can wait that long, we suppose. After all, patience is a virtue, especially when it’s for Alden Richards.

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