We’re Telling You: You Need To Put More of Tokyo In Your Wardrobe

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Japanese street fashion is everywhere. And by everywhere, we mean everywhere. In every corner, every place — wherever you think it could be, it’s there. And don’t even tell us otherwise.

That mad Japanese street fashion fever’s temperature is going high already and if you have no idea what it exactly is, we’re here to show you.

Their street fashion is a mix of local and foreign clothes and trust us, it’s something worth wearing. Here are a few of our favorites which we classified into batches (talk about “fashion taxonomy”) that you can start with which we hope will get to inspire you and “Tokyo-fy” your style.

Batch #1. The Complementary Kawaii Style.

Really, it’s impossible to not be a fan of Japan’s famous kawaii culture or otherwise known as the cute culture. If you aren’t yet then we’re going to make you. Besides, it really is impossible to resist with these outfits that will have you squealing from the adorableness.

Source: Vogue
Source: Vogue
Source: Vogue
Source: Vogue
Source: Vogue
Source: Pinterest
Source: Everyday Kawaii

Yes, you could probably envision is squealing right now. If you aren’t, then we’ll be most happy to say that we are.

Batch #2. The Punk Look.

If you aren’t in for that “goody good” look, then no worries. We’ve got a batch just fixed for the person who sort of wants to give that “bad girl look” or just wants to show off that lit punk attitude.

Oh yeah, a little heads up: this collection consists of outfits featuring colors, red and black, but well, mostly black. We mean, who doesn’t love that gothic black chic style? Yeah, not us and most probably not you either. So here is the outfit collection we compiled!

Source: Pinterest

OK, can we just say that this outfit really has that Misa Amane (Death Note) appeal? Yeah, no? Probably just us…

Or is it?

Source: Tokyo Fashion
Source: Tokyo Fashion

OK, so this outfit above is kind of a crossover of bad girl and good girl, but hey, that’s what’s best about it. It makes one look pretty unpredictable. It sort of gives the “I can make friends, but I choose who I wanna be with” type of vibe. Or at least those are the signals that are being sent to us by this gorgeous outfit.

Source: Pinterest

You can also try this outfit. It’s timeless (ha, get it?).

It also works well with the squad.

Source: Pinterest

Batch #3. Casual In Style.

This is the last batch of outfits we’ve all compiled up. This is the best batch choice for you if you don’t want to go too over with your clothes, but still want to look cool like crazy. And by cool, we obviously mean really cool. Breezy.

Source: Tokyo Fashion
Source: Zalora

We may know what you’re thinking. This outfit is really cute, isn’t it? Well fun fact: you can find this outfit in a store called TokiChoi, an East Asian franchise with collections featuring both Japanese and Korean clothing. That outfit is specifically part of their Japanese collection. You can also get it on Zalora!

Source: Wholesale

This is the simplest outfit in this collection, but for some reason it has the most appeal for us compared to the others. If you want to rock the “simplicity is beauty” style then this outfit is highly recommended for you.

We hope that you all are inspired to start Tokyo-fying your wardrobe (yes, we just made that word up and it already deserves to be on the dictionary — fashion dictionary), because to be fair, all these outfits should be worn! (By you most especially. That’s how much we love you.)


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