West End’s ‘& Juliet’ Gives Everyone A Feminist Version of Shakespeare’s Famous Romance Tragedy

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I don’t think I can forget West End’s musical about the six wives of England’s Henry VIII. The revolutionary feminist took storm, invading the UK first before totally taking over the world.

They even managed to make noise on Tik Tok.

SIX was a story that charmed audiences, showing that the six wives of Henry VIII who were each either divorced or beheaded or who either died or survived, did not need him in any way and have made history by themselves.

Now, another musical is charming audiences.

& Juliet is a jukebox musical inspired from Shakespeare’s most famous romantic tragedy, Romeo & Juliet.

The musical gives the original play a feminist twist by highlighting the “what if Juliet didn’t kill herself for Romeo?” idea.

A teaser trailer for it trended on YouTube and ever since, people couldn’t stop talking about it!

The production started showing on West End last November 20 and it has charmed audiences ever since.

The songs of the play are basically songs sung by Backstreet Boys, Jessie J, Britney Spears, and many more.

Shining in the role of Juliet is Miriam-Teak Lee who has been a part of the West End version of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s most successful play, Hamilton.

The star has mentioned that the Juliet in the play was originally going to be soft-spoken. The character was just bound to grow throughout the play, but as soon as Miriam walked in the doors of the audition place, everything changed and suddenly, the character of Juliet was given this whole new flame of confidence and determination as she longed for self-discovery rather than romance.

The play was regarded as successful on its first few runs with such powerful voices filled with feelings that are just enough to tell the whole story.

Honestly, if you just listen to this recording sung by Miriam, you’d be blown away:

In fact, the story was so loved by all that Jessie J just had to make her own rendition of one of the songs sang:

Want to check out more about this astounding play? Check out the full play trailer below!


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