What’s With Foundation and Why Exactly Do We Need It Anyway?

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Foundation is one of the simplest makeup products yet it’s something a lot of us might not have ‘cause you know, it’s “just foundation” anyway. Yeah, right. Now those are two words we’d never want to hear from you again, mostly if you’re a complete makeup lover. You just can’t do heavy makeup without it and here are all the reasons as to why.

Reason #1. To Smoothen Our Canvas a.k.a. Our Face.

Sure, we yearn to go with who we are and all that. Hashtagging no filter here, there, and everywhere. There are times we even tend to bash people who want to correct the “imperfections” on their face. Yeah, we aren’t perfect at all and true, we need to embrace who we truly are, but if you want to use makeup, that’s a whole new different story.

Makeup isn’t something that was made to correct your face. Change that perspective. Makeup was made to be an art where your face or body is the canvas. In order to paint your canvas, you’re going to have to smoothen it out to make things easier, because if you don’t, you might as well suffer from having a difficult time.

Reason #2. It Makes You an Onion… ‘Cause You’ll Get Another Layer of Skin.

When you apply foundation on yourself, you’re basically creating another layer of skin which will protect you from germs, bacteria, pollutants, and those nasty UV rays (seriously, those rays harm our face in a million different ways — probably even more).

Reason #3. You’ll Have Your Skin Moisturized In No Time.

Foundation pretty much acts like a moisturizer on your face as well, keeping it as hydrated and healthy as possible.

With all these reasons, the simplest words we could say to summarize all this is that foundation is needed as it creates another layer on your skin that protects and moisturizes you and serves as the base which you’ll be putting your cosmetics on — kind of like a building.

Remember though that even if foundation has these benefits, you don’t have to use it with light makeup. If you’re just going to put a few swishes of your makeup brushes here and there then BB cream is most definitely the thing for you. It has the same benefits and serves as a lighter version of foundation.

We hope this simple article will convince you to apply foundation or perhaps, BB cream if you apply makeup without it or maybe enlighten you on the topic of foundation if you’re a complete makeup newbie learning a couple of things still.


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