Why IS The Wonder Woman Sequel Taking Place In 1984?

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DC fans can’t stop with the hype as DC teases the newest addition to their film franchise: Wonder Woman 1984 upon the release of its trailer that brought up much heated up curiosity and wonder regarding the film. Some of which are what’s Steve Trevor doing in the sequel and why did Wonder Woman suddenly get a new outfit change in the year. The most famous question though that DC fans, specifically those of Wonder Woman, won’t stop asking is why on Earth is the sequel set in 1984?

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The famous Wonder Woman director who is also an empowered woman herself, Patty Jenkins, was quick enough to answer exactly why.

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According to the talented director, this was the era she chose for Wonder Woman, because the 80s was the decade Wonder Woman became a superhero icon, making this upcoming sequel a fantastic tribute to the time the heroine became famous and most especially to Lynda Carter who though had played the hero back in the 70s, had made an impact in pop culture only by the 80s through the series.

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Other than this, Patty also mentioned that the 80s was sort of the time the world was beginning to slowly adjust to the modern technology we are undeniably used to today. She said it would be nice for Diana Prince to further explore and adjust to the modern world. Basically, she has intended the sequel to be the bridge between the first Wonder Woman movie and the Justice League movie, in order for moviegoers of DC to fully understand Diana Prince’s character development through the ages.

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Wonder Woman 1984 is set to show next year and the fact that Jenkins has teased everyone that the film is actually pretty much done, is teasing us in so many ways not a lot of people can understand. The excitement is literally killing us and we honestly cannot wait for the movie’s official release.

(Maybe we could have our fingers crossed that they’ll have a premiere here in the Philippines just like what they did with Aquaman.)

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