WOW! Guess What Maymay Entrata’s Gift for Her Mother is

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The phenomenal success of young celebrity and fashion model Maymay Entrata is indeed a testament that nothing is possible if you put your heart in whatever you do. Maymay, or more formally known as Mary Dale Etrata, was featured as guest in famous ABS-CBN talk show “Magandang Buhay” with leading man Edward Barber recently. She revealed that she just bought her mom Lorna a house in Japan as she is an overseas worker who’s been based there for twenty eight years now. Maymay’s mom left her to her grandmother in Cagayan de Oro when she was less than ten years old as her father left them and she had to work abroad to provide the needs of her children. Maymay elaborated that her mom was left in tears after seeing the house as she has been renting a small place ever since she started working there. The young actress explained that rental fees in Japan is expensive and her mom never imagined that she would finally own a house without having to pay rental bills ever again. Her youngest sibling is also happy. The fun-loving and generous actress also shared that she is presently having a house built in Camiguin for her grandmother who raised her. She was surprised to receive a car in exchange of one of her endorsement contracts and is grateful for all the blessings she has been receiving.

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Maymay Entrata is a twenty two year old actress, singer, and model who rose to fame after joining the hit Philippine reality show, Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7. Despite the hardships that Maymay had to deal with at a young age, she has proven her acting prowess and determination not only in the bustling and dazzling world of show business, but also in the international fashion scene. In fact, Maymay is the first Filipina who joined the stage at the prestigious Arab Fashion Week. She also has a talent in singing. Maymay has always been praised by most of her showbiz colleagues and friends for her humility and goofy attitude.

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