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You Got Tons of Makeup? Well, Surprise! Here Are The Only Ones You Actually Really Need To Have On The Go

You Got Tons of Makeup? Well, Surprise! Here Are The Only Ones You Actually Really Need To Have On The Go

As girls, we totally understand that you may have tons of different makeup products in your makeup kit. And yes, when trying to ace that gorgeous face, you might need them all. But let’s face it. You just can’t bring all of it on the go, especially when you’re running late for your first class or your work that apparently starts first thing in the morning. So girl, you’re going to have to minimize that makeup stash when going out. Yes, minimize. And yeah, ok. We get it. You probably look like this right now:

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Look, girl, if you have no idea how to though, because again, all of it just too important for you, here is a list of the makeup essentials you really only need to bring.

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Yes, you’re welcome.


Foundation is very important makeup. It creates this “second layer of skin” by covering up the acne on your face and making your skin a canvas to easily put makeup on. This is a product you’re just not supposed to forget so if you’re minimizing your stash for your “going out makeup kit”, it’s important to remember that this is something you don’t want to leave behind. So go back home and take your foundation!


“Concealer is kind of like foundation. Why should I have this when I have the foundation now?”

Woah, woah. Not so fast girl. That is so not happening in this world or any other parallel universe or whatever the heck space and time is. Our point is that concealer and foundation? They may seem to have the same purposes, but they’re just not the same!

Concealer is very essential, because yes, it covers up those blemishes on your skin and it also serves as a way better “foundation” for the eyes than actual foundation. Yeah, that sort of sounds weird and all since that’s why foundation was called foundation, but hey, not everybody’s perfect! Foundation doesn’t always serve as a great tool to make the eye surface the perfect canvas. This is why concealers were made, baby.


This is needed to add color to your cheeks. Your face just won’t have makeup without blush. That’s how important it is.

For on-the-go times, we advise you to pack the blush with warm tones. It’s the best one really especially when you’re doing some type of speed makeup.

Translucent Powder.

Now this isn’t some type of powder that sounds expensive and don’t you think you don’t need it, because you do. We mean, that’s why we included it in this list, after all!

Now if you’re wondering why we didn’t just put “powder” and instead just laid “translucent” out there. Yeah well the thing is is that translucent powder is the best type that works for all skin tones and also, prevents the skin from being super oily which can happen if you have that type of skin even if you already put tons of foundation (yeah, but please don’t put so much foundation). Really, you’ll thank us when you have this in your bag.


Yes. You need in mascara. Why? This product is great for drawing attention to your eyes. It defines your eyelashes, after all (which can we say is just one of the best parts of our eyes?)!

Don’t go on and bring all your mascara types though, please. Just. No. That’s not how we roll. Our advice: the best mascara to bring is black if your hair is black and your skin is tan to black and brown if your hair is brown or lighter and if you’re a mestiza.

Neutral and Defining Eyeshadow.

“What? We need two types of eyeshadows?” Well, for this, we’re going to go all Phineas and Ferb with you, because yes. Yes you do.

If you’re trying to understand this like some crazy algebraic expression, yeah that’s OK. We were like you once when we were young children who didn’t know a thing about makeup. But now we’ve been “enlightened”, from a former beginner to another new one, here’s our explanation (kindly take down notes, because we’re going to have a quiz later — hah, nah just messin’ with y’all — no, but really? You need to remember this. It’ll help.):

Neutral eyeshadow is best for any skin tone and skin type. Plus, it gives one a sort of natural look. Defining eyeshadow on the other hand is actually just what it literally means. It’s just used to define your eyes. Both of these work well when blended, especially if you have sensitive skin. Or, if you’re just the type to go all hot and cold like Katy Perry’s groom in the music video, Hot N’ Cold, then yeah these can really come in handy.


Obviously, given that we’ve got eyeshadow and mascara as important eye makeup to bring, we just can’t forget about the eyeliner, OK? It’s too essential. And don’t you forget it! You might end up regretting it.

Piece of advice: bring your black eyeliner. That’s all you really need.


Now that we’ve finished elaborating the face and eye makeup essentials, it’s time to move on the lipstick which is the only real lip makeup you’ll ever need to bring.

If you’re not the lipstick type of person though, you can bring lip gloss or lip tint. Just go on and bring all three of them. Only pick one then you’ll be fine. Here are some tips if you’re in a crazed up dilemma and don’t know which one to bring with you:

Bring lipstick if you want to add color to your lips.

Bring lip gloss if you’re OK with the color of your lips and just want it to be shiny. You can also get lip glosses with colors so you can have a colorful and shiny lips at the same time.

Bring lip tint if you want to add color to your lips and like liquid-y makeup products.

Makeup brushes.

Now that we’re all done with the makeup products, remember to bring a few brushes. Here are the specific brushes you need (and only bring one each for it — choose your best brush!):

Blush brush
Fluffy powder brush (that huge brush)
Eyeshadow brush
Crease brush
Eyeliner brush

Now that you have this list, feel free to fix your on-the-go makeup bag and see that it’s not as bulky as used to be! Yes, you’re welcome!

As you go on victory dancing in your room (or at least that’s what we’d do for that nice fulfillment), don’t forget to check our other posts about makeup! Read all of them by this clicking this link over here:

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