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You Need to See the Difference of What a Right Pair of Eyeglasses Makes

You Need to See the Difference of What a Right Pair of Eyeglasses Makes

The use of eyeglasses for vision correction, fashion, and vanity purposes has been prevalent nowadays. Due to the large number of people utilizing this commodity, we decided to share some tips on how to pick the right pair of eyeglasses based on your facial features. Apart from it being an uncommon topic between you and your optometrist or ophthalmologist, this issue is quite relevant to all of us because we all want to look sharp and smart with glasses rather than lame and nerdy.

Precisely the reason why some specs look really cool when seen on display at certain optical shop windows and otherwise when worn is that they are the wrong style for the shape of your face. Allow me to discuss this significant topic today.

How do I determine the shape of my face?

Pull back your hair away from your face while in front of a mirror. Assess the contours of your face and head by looking at every corner of your face. This way, you can figure out more or less what your face shape is and pick the right pair of eyeglasses that will best suit you.

Oval face shape

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An oval face consists of a chin that is slightly narrower than your forehead. This is considered an ideal face shape due to its balanced proportions. Practically any pair of eyeglasses would look good on a person with an oval face. However, we would recommend frames that are just about the same size of the widest area of your face.

Heart-shaped face

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If the upper third of your face is wide and the bottom is narrow, then you fit in this feature. People with heart-shaped faces usually have high cheekbones and tapered jawlines. In order to make the width at the top of your face less prominent, pick a frame that are circular or wider at the bottom such as thin or rimless frames in light colors.

Oblong face shape

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If your face is longer than wide and you have s straight cheek line, then your face is oblong in shape. You want this feature to look shorter so the perfect choice of frames would be something that has more depth than width.

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Square face shape

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People with square face shapes have a sharp and strong jawline and a broad forehead. The width and length of the face have roughly the same proportions. To soften the sharp jawline and soften the facial features, go for narrow oval frames.

Diamond face shape

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The dominant facial feature of faces that are diamond in shape are its narrow forehead and jawline as well as broad cheekbones. To highlight the eyes, go for cat eye frames or those that have distinct brow details.

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