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You need to STOP because Jihyo and Kang Daniel are in a relationship!

You need to STOP because Jihyo and Kang Daniel are in a relationship!

Seems like love is really in the air to our favorite Korean idols! Jihyo member of K-pop all girl group TWICE and Kang Daniel are in a relationship, for real! And the news took the internet already. JYP Entertainment, TWICE agency and KONNECT entertainment Kang Daniels agency responded on this report immediately stating, “Jihyo and Kang Daniel are currently meeting with good feelings for each other.” – JYP Entertainment and “Hello, this is KONNECT Entertainment. First, we would like to apologize for our official position being late, due to us confirming the truth. We can confirm Kang Daniel and Jihyo are currently meeting with good feelings. Please watch over them well.” as told by KONNECT Entertainment. Let the shipping begin for these two!

Earlier this year the two has been rumored to be dating and seen frequently but Jihyo and Kang Daniel even their agencies were quiet about the rumors and speculations, stating that they will first gather all the facts to confirm.

Source: Dispatch

As we swoon for this news Jihyo and Kang Daniel were seen near Daniel`s luxurious villa located in Hannam-dong in Seoul, South Korea. The couple also would like to have their relationship in private and reported to meet once a week due to their busy schedule and just like any other couple they are very supportive to each other’s career. Another report also graces the internet when Jihyo and Kang Daniel were together as TWICE left South Korea for a world tour, what a cute gesture from a beloved one!

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A lot of fans from both K-pop singer and artist were expressed their opinion, some are too broken hearted, some are there to support their relationship and of course some are not into it. Regardless of what others might say, we just want to extend our happiness to the new couple and please bless our feed soon with your cute moments! Congratulations Jihyo and Kang Daniel!

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