Your Guide to the Clearest Ocean Waters of the Philippines

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The season for beach bumming is not yet over especially when the Philippines has over 7,107 islands. It’s just too hard to choose! Aside from the breathtaking view that these islands offer, its clear waters is one of the main reasons to pick the Philippines as a travel destination. The Philippine ocean also guarantees you to witness the vast and diverse marine life, the long stretch of white sandy beaches, and the hospitality of the locals. We searched for the best clear water beaches for you to try and see for yourself.

Islands of Caramoan.

If you are huge fan of “Survivor” you will definitely know the islands of Caramoan. The beach was used as a site for two seasons of “Survivor” due to its rawness and scenic view.

Aside from this feature, Caramoan is known for its clear waters, each island has its own captivating beauty to offer. You can see how clear the water while travelling on a boat during your island hopping and beguiled when you try snorkeling, kayaking and other activities.


Boracay is a favorite travel destination due to its long stretch of white and fine sand. It is also known as the top tourist destination in the Philippines. Though it was closed for six months due to some environmental problems, the majestic beauty of the place is worth waiting for the developers and tourists.

El Nido Palawan.

This is a heavenly place on earth where you can find stunning view or hidden beaches, lagoons, karst limestone formation, mountain, and cliffs.

Fine powdery sand and clear water awaits you. There are lots of islands to explore in El Nido. There are different tour packages you can choose from to explore the place. The gin-clear water of El Nido really sells the place.

Coron Palawan.

Coron houses islets with the most gorgeous beaches on it. You will definitely leave your heart to the pristine clear waters of Coron, tourists enjoy island hopping activities, appreciate the small islets, and embrace the amazing view while the sun is setting.

Panglao Bohol

Bohol is known for its famous Chocolate hills and the world’s smallest primate: the Tarsier, but Bohol is more than that as it is also a home for great beaches and diverse aquatic life. Ditch your beach towel and just lie on the soft sand. Diving right into the clear waters of Panglao will make you stay for days.

Kalanggaman Leyte.

Kalanggaman island is one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines. The sand is powdery white and the water is so blue and clear that it makes th island as enchanting and as mystical as it is. You will be beguiled with what the island will offer.

Bantayan Island Cebu.

The small island of Bantayan is a secluded place perfect for honeymooners, family or even if you are travelling alone. The water is so clear and calm that even children are attracted to its natural beauty. It is a simple and serene island that’s just waiting for you to explore it.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your swimsuits and your beach outfits to explore the clearest water and pristine beaches that the Philippines has to offer!


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