Zendaya May Be In A Relationship And No, It Isn’t With Tom Holland

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Sorry Zendaya and Tom shippers. As much as we love MJ and Peter Parker together, it seems that we’re going to have to live with the fact that their romantic relationship just won’t become a reality and that perhaps, their every denial in we don’t know, just every single interview they have had may actually be true.

Just recently, Zendaya was seen with her Euphoria co-star, Jacob Elordi, in a vacation in Greece. Apparently pictures of them in the background of a tourist are now escalating the net with questions of what exactly their relationship may be springing up to, of course.


If anyone of you is wondering who he may be, here are a few things we find on Jacob Elordi, considering that he’s dating one of our favorite stars in today’s generation:

1. Jacob Elordi is known for his role as Noah Flynn on Netflix’s The Kissing Booth.


If you’ve ever watched The Kissing Booth there is no way you didn’t swoon to Noah Flynn together with Elle Evans. Like, seriously, it’s really impossible. Most likely, you decided to watch until the credits scene just to see who this handsome guy is or perhaps just Google it on the net, because that’s way more easier. If you didn’t do any of those though, then we have the answer for you. Our cute, crazed, and sweet Noah Flynn is Jacob Elordi. Not. Even. Trying. To. Play. Games.

2. He dated his co-star, Joey King, for a bit.

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For a moment, Elle Evans and Noah Flynn’s love story continued behind the camera.

Joey King who plays Elle Evans was Jacob Elordi’s girlfriend for some time until they split some time around 2018. Now, he appears single and ready to mingle with Zendaya.

3. He’s Frigging Tall. Like, Seriously.


The actor is six feet and three inches tall! And to be honest, it’s kinda a factor that makes him attractive.

4. He’s An Activist.

Not sure if there’s anything more attractive than a man who cares for everything about society. Really, there can’t be. If you think there is, fight me.

5. He Can Be The Perfect Instagram Boyfriend.


Jacob is a talented photographer which means he can take the perfect snaps of you any time. Perfect. Instagram. Boyfie.

With these characteristics (and many more we weren’t able to mention), we sure understand why Zendaya may be falling in love with him. He’s just too amazing! There also might be something she found in him that she couldn’t find in Tom Holland and despite the fact we’re hardcore MJ and Peter Parker shippers, we’re happy for Zendaya and we only wish her the best with Jacob Elordi wink wink.


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